Extract from Insite Magazine - Publication of The National Federation of Builders

Once in a while, one discovers a small gem of a company that specialises in the unusual and difficult. One such firm is Brickfind (UK) and the title means what is says according to testimonials from a long list of customers.

Whilst such bodies as English Heritage, The National Trust and British Waterways have benefited from the company's services in the renovation of listed buildings and period properties, problems are also solved for modern extensions where the original facings have been discontinued or are in short supply.

Brickfind's reputation has also now spread to America. When an eminent figure could find no USA manufacturer to meet his specific requirements, Brickfind commissioned an English company to produce 75,000 bespoke facings and 800 non-standard special shapes for what has become an award-winning project.

With over 30 years' experience in the industry (even as an expert witness in court) company owner, Gordon Stringer, has handled orders from one brick (engraved) to 3.3 million. He gives personal attention to all enquiries and keeps himself aware of all UK manufacturers' ranges as well as those from Europe and even further afield. Reclaimed bricks are also sourced as necessary. Close contact is maintained with the Brick Development Association and the British Brick Society.